Prism PARTNERS with large corporate energy buyers to develop cost effective solar energy and storage resources.  As a business seeking a cost effective, sustainable, and reliable energy supply, Prism offers multiple paths to acquiring solar power:

cropped-BLACK-TRANSPARENT.png Invest in a project and monetize the tax benefits internally

cropped-BLACK-TRANSPARENT.png Execute a Power Purchase Agreement with a Prism owned project and benefit from reliable long term solar energy without any capital

Due to Prism’s deep experience and relationships in project development, project financing, and EPC work, our projects typically represent MARKET LEADING ENERGY RATES with the sustainability and predictability of solar power.  In many cases, solar energy from Prism projects can now meet or beat your current retail energy rates, making solar a reliable, financially attractive, and low risk investment.

With over 100MW of developed energy storage, Prism can provide energy storage capabilities for a variety of use cases including demand charge reduction, production curve shifting, onsite resiliency, and ancillary services.